PacTool is a Ethernet Packet Generating and Analyzing Tool. It can generate user defined Packets or predefined protocol packets. It provides features like synchronization between instances of PacTool.


On Aug 15, 2004 PacTool Project was approved to be hosted on SourceForge. Project Schedule and activities will be published and maintained here.

Functional Requirements:

Packet Generator

  • Packets to be transmitted can be user defined or selected from the options provided.

  • The following packet generation options are provided...

    • Number of type/kind of packets

    • Number of packets per type

    • Time Interval between the packets/type

  •  If more than 1 instance of the PacTool is running then there can be synchronization between them which can help in scenarios given below
    Scenario 1: 
    Suppose there are 2 instances of the PacTool running (PacTool 1 and PacTool 2). As soon as PacTool 1 sends 10 type A packets then PacTool 2 should send type B packets


Packet Scanner

  • To capture the packets in a file and also display the packets.

  • To filter the packets using advanced filter...

    • User can select or define the packet that needs to be filtered.

Events between Scanner and Generator

  • Events can be given setup using a configuration file. It will help in the following scenarios...
    Scenario 2:
    As soon as a type A packets are captured by PacTool 1 then PacTool 1 or PacTool 2 should send type B packets.


1. Web Site design & hosting
2. Define the Requirement and functional specs.
3. High Level Design
4. Low Level Design